What is Web Hosting?


Web hosting is a space on a very large computer (server) which is allocated to customers to showcase their websites.
Servers are very powerful computers that have very large hard drives, or an array of large hard drives which is then rented out into smaller
segments to those who want a website presence on the Internet. When a customer rents a space on a server, they are then given a unique address (domain name) which then makes your website available to view from your chosen domain name. Once your website is hosted on a server, your website can be viewed by people from all over the world. Your first years hosting cost is included in all our website design packages.


Each website we create will need to be accompanied with a hosting package that is relevant to the size of the website. For example, our starter hosting package would normally offer enough space and features for most small business websites and business starter websites. If you are starting a new business and are looking for an affordable way to get your business online, we can help. If you are an existing business that needs to get an online presence, with fast page loading and reliability, you may want to consider one of our website design and hosting packages. If you are looking to start selling your products online, Ash Web Solutions also offers a professional, bespoke e-commerce website design and host service to suit your requirements.

For more details please see our FAQ's page or contact Ashley direct here.

Please note: You do not need any knowledge about websites or computers to get online with Ash Web Solutions, we do all the work for you.
Our hosting is only available when accompanied by one of our website design packages.