Frequently Asked Questions  


The frequently asked questions page is here to give visitors answers to some of the most common questions that are asked about the web design and web hosting packages on offer. If your query is not answered or you would like a more in depth answer to a query, please do not hesitate in contacting myself, Ashley, where I will be happy to discuss your query further.


Q, I would like purchase a different website package other than what you advertise, do you offer such a service?
A, Yes, Ash Web Solutions offers bespoke website design and website hosting packages, including e-commerce.

Q, I do not have any knowledge about websites or website hosting, can I still purchase one of your website packages?
A, Yes you can, you do not need any knowledge about computers, websites or hosting, as I am able to totally manage the website for you.

Q, I do not have any photographs available to put on my website, is this a problem?
A, No, not at all, I am able to offer stock photography or you may wish to include a photography package to your website.

Q, If I was to purchase one of your website packages, how long does the process take?
A, This depends on a number of factors. Generally, once your content has been received, the design process would normally be around 2 weeks. (subject to workload)

Q, Would customers be able to find my website in search engines?
A, Yes, all of Ash Web Solutions websites are search engine optimized (SEO) and listed in all major search engines.

Q, How does your payment process work?
A, Once the website content has been agreed, a 25% deposit is then required for the design process to begin.

Q, What happens if I need to change something on my website like my phone number, address or a small piece of text?
A, Small edits such as changing a phone number or address would be free, larger edits would be chargeable.

Q, What happens if I want to cancel my website and hosting package?
A, You can cancel your package at any time but no refunds will be offered.

Q, I already own a domain name, can I use it with one of your website packages?
A, Yes, as long as you have access to your domain name control panel. Ash Web Solutions can then point your domain name to our servers.

Q, Once my website is built, will I be able to make changes myself?
A, No, Ash Web Solutions does not offer a (CMS) content management system with any of it's website packages.

Q, Other than the prices you advertise, are there any hidden charges?
A, No, Ash Web Solutions offers transparent pricing. After the first year, the only ongoing costs are your hosting fees and your search engine optimisation cost if applicable.

Q, Once my website is complete, am I able to change my domain name?
A, Yes, you can change your domain name if you wish, although this process will incur further costs.

Q, If I need content editing, how long would that process take?
A, Depending on the size of the edit, this process would normally be completed within 24 hours, subject to workload.

Q, If I want to delete my website, how long would this process take?
A, If for some reason you would like your website removing, this process would normally be completed within 24 hours.

Q, If I would like to include another page to my website in the future, what would the cost be?
A, This would depend on a number of factors, a ballpark figure for new pages is £30.

Q, How and where will I receive my emails?
A, Ash Web Solutions uses the world leading brand Google as it's email provider. Your email account will initially be set up for you.


Please Note: As we invoice electronically, it is down you (the customer) to inform us about any changes to your contact email. When using our services, you are agreeing to pay in full, all invoices within 28 days. In the event of a unpaid invoice, we reserve the right to suspend a account, which will then incur a further reconnection fee of £49.

If your question is still unanswered, please contact me direct.

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